Marc-André Sola
Founder and Managing Partner

Marc-André Sola is a serial entrepreneur. He started his first company at the age of 20 and has since founded, or co-founded, a number of businesses in different fields and in multiple countries. Mr. Sola holds a Masters of Law degree from the University of Zurich and serves on the board of various companies. He specializes in insurance and retirement planning, as well as tailored asset protection and estate and tax planning solutions. For over 20 years, he has been advising clients from all over Europe, North & South America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

Mr. Sola is sought after speaker at international investment, asset protection and estate planning conferences all over the world. Furthermore, he has published a variety of professional articles and co-authored the book, “The Insured Portfolio”, published by John Wiley & Sons. He is a member of YPO (Young Presidents' Organization), Zurich Chapter.

Dr. Josef Haid
Managing Partner

Dr. Josef Haid is Managing Partner of NMG International Financial Services Ltd. and holds a PhD and a Master in Economics from the University of Zurich. Since the early 90ies, Dr. Haid has been an advisor to business owners and senior executives of large corporations and family offices.

Prior to his engagement with NMG, Dr. Haid worked several years in management consulting for McKinsey & Company Inc. and has been CEO of a privately owned company Group. Dr. Haid contributes to NMG and its customers a unique profile of 15 years consulting and management experience in advising business owners and senior executives of large corporations on management and investment decisions that allow him to tailor highly specialized solutions for his global customers.

Yannick Häni
Associate Partner

Yannick Häni is Associate Partner of NMG International Trust Reg. in Liechtenstein and holds both a Bachelor degree in Business Law (B.Sc.) as well as a Master of Law in International Taxation (LL.M.). Since the beginning of his career he is working in the insurance industry and has therefore many years of experience in compliance, product development and financial advisement of HNWI and their tax advisors and asset managers.

Prior to his engagement with NMG, Yannick worked for six years as an advisor of international Private Banking clients for one of the largest insurance companies in Liechtenstein and was able to gain a broad knowledge in tax optimization, asset protection and structuring as well as estate planning.

Serge Hediger
Managing Partner

Serge Hediger is Managing Partner of NMG International Trust Reg. and holds both a Master degree in Business Administration (MBA) and Law (LL.M.). He started in the insurance industry 20 years ago and advises UHNWI clients, their Tax Lawyers, Private Banks and Asset Managers. Since 2008 Serge is a Board Member of the Liechtenstein Insurance Association.

Prior to his engagement with NMG, Serge has been CEO of Valorlife Life Insurance in Liechtenstein and Ireland for seven years. Before he held various management positions with a listed Swiss Insurance Group. He is a trusted expert in the field of asset protection, estate planning and regulatory issues related to Life Insurance. Serge regularly serves in taks forces which advise authorities on various topics.

Dr. iur. Daniel Koller
Head of Legal & Compliance

After his bilingual (g/f) studies at the Faculty of Law at the University of Fribourg with an additional degree in European Law, Daniel Koller wrote a doctorate at the University of Zurich dealing with criminality in the internet.

Since the beginning of his professional career in 2001 he has been engaged in various insurance sectors. After the experience with a Legal Protection Insurance at one of the largest Swiss Insurance Companies, for more than 6 years his responsibility was as Head of Legal & Compliance and COO of one of the leading Life Insurance Companies in the financial sector, headquartered in Liechtenstein with a branch in Ireland. Furthermore, he played a key role in the parent company - a listed Insurance Group.

Martino Leonardi
Managing Partner

Martino Leonardi is a Partner of NMG International Financial Services in Zurich. He has vast experience in the fields of private insurance solutions, financial planning and in banking for wealthy clients.

In his career Martino held executive positions in several leading insurance companies including Capital Leben and SwissLife, where he was instrumental to the success. Prior to his engagement with NMG he was a Managing Director with Baloise Life, a Liechtenstein based insurer, specializing in Private Life Insurance solutions.

Adrian Lüthi

Adrian Lüthi is a Partner of NMG International Financial Services Ltd. and serves HNWI clients on Private Placement Life Insurance. He studied Economics at the University of Zurich and completed a post graduate program at ETH Zurich on Project Management for Private Equity companies.

Prior to his engagement with NMG Adrian worked for seven years with one of the largest Swiss Insurance companies in Switzerland where he gained in depth knowledge in areas such as asset protection, estate planning as well as private equity solutions. Before he worked for a Consulting Group in the Private Banking Sector and as a relationship Manager for a major bank in Switzerland.

Guna Mahalingam
Managing Partner

Guna Mahalingam, Managing Partner of NMG Financial Services in Switzerland and Co-founder of NMG Trading Dubai and NMG Asia IFS (Labuan company registration in progress), started his financial carrier in 1991 at Skandia Assurance & Financial Services in Zurich.

He was educated and trained in financial services by Skandia AFS in Switzerland and Sweden. In the year 2000 he became Head of International Sales for Skandia Leben Switzerland. In 2003 Mr. Mahalingam partnered with a leading UK Hedge Fund Group and co-founded its Swiss operations.
He was appointed Global Head of Institutional Sales for the Group and also served as Member of the Executive Board of Directors of its various companies around the world.

He is a certified Private Equity Specialist and member of the International Academy of Business and Financial Management (IABFM) ( and serves as Strategic Advisor – Asia for the “Gulf Islamic Investments Group”, UAE.

Mr. Mahalingam is a Member of the Executive Board and Senior Advisor of Finance & Investments of the Swiss Asia Chamber of Commerce in Zurich ( and regularly joins the Business Delegation of Federal Councillor (Swiss Trade Minister) for trade discussions with ASEAN countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam.

In 2007 he was awarded Darjah Seri Sirajuddin Perlis by His Royal Highness DYMM Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Raja of Perlis (XII King of Malaysia).

Alexander Mitev

Alexander Mitev is a Partner of NMG International Financial Services Ltd. He holds a Master degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Zurich.He has been advising Ultra High Net Worth Individuals from Eastern Europe and Russia.

Prior to his engagement with NMG, Mr. Mitev worked for several years for Credit Suisse in Zurich, St. Petersburg and Moscow, where he was instrumental in the setup of the Representative office in St. Petersburg and the successful growth of the Moscow office and Russia overall. Mr. Mitev had been working for Credit Suisse in Russia since 2005, last from 2007 until 2010 as its Chief Representative in Moscow. Mr. Mitev adds to NMG a broad banking and market experience in Central and Eastern Europe.Mr. Mitev is fluent in Russian, German, English and French.

Erika Nolan

Erika Nolan is the CEO of the 1291 Group of the Americas. The company specializes in tailored asset protection and tax/estate planning solutions as well as unique asset management options. The 1291 Group of the Americas caters to the U.S & Latin American markets and works with professionals as well as private individual investors.

Prior to her role with the 1291 Group, Erika was the Executive Publisher for The Sovereign Society and Dent Research, divisions of Agora Publishing, for 16 years. She is the co-author of The Offshore Advantage – The Beginner's Guide to Going Offshore (McGraw-Hill 2009) and The Insured Portfolio (Wiley 2010). In addition, she has written dozens of financial and asset protection articles for The Sovereign Investor and Offshore Confidential. Erika is sought after speaker at international financial conferences around the world.

Erika is a member of the Young Presidents' Organization's Florida chapter (, the world's premier peer network of chief executives and business leaders. She travels extensively throughout Europe and South America. When not on an airplane, she lives in East Delray Beach, Florida with her husband and daughter.

International Partners

Du Rietz
Magnus Du Rietz
Partner Schweden

Magnus Du Rietz, our Partner responsible for the Swedish business, started tailoring the NMG-products for Sweden in 2002. After Law and Finance studies at the University of Stockholm he has been working in the Insurance and Finance Industry since the early 70ies. He was one of the first advisers in Sweden connecting bank and insurance business and in the mid 80ies he established an insurance department in a Private Bank. In the late 80ies Mr. Du Rietz founded his own business, Pensions Planering Stockholm AB, where he continued working as adviser for high net worth individuals. In the early 90ies, when the international finance market opened up in Sweden he started tailoring new safe investment solutions together with International Insurance Companies and Swedish asset managers. Today he is working close to the Swedish insurance brokers helping them with the NMG-business. Over 30 years in this market has given him a vast experience. NMG Schweden

Barry Fromson

Barry Fromson is a partner of NMG International Financial Services in Zurich. He started his career in Financial Services in 1980, working for a large International Life Assurance company in the UK.

In 1982 he moved to an Independent Wealth Management company, advising high net worth and corporate clients on bespoke financial and insurance solutions. He continues to serve as a partner in the strategic planning and Group side of the business.

His experience in the fields of private insurance solutions, financial planning and wealth management has proved to be very valuable to his wealthy clients in the UK and other parts of the World.

Ravindra Kumar
Head Legal Asia

Ravindra Kumar is a lawyer by profession specializing in Corporate Law, Commercial Law and Compliance.

Ravindra began his career in law enforcement serving 11 years in the Royal Malaysian Police Force and rising to the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police.

Upon obtaining his law degree from the University of London, Ravindra joined the legal department of Colgate-Palmolive Malaysia.

In his career with Colgate-Palmolive spanning 18 years, Ravindra was involved in every aspect of Corporate Law, Commercial Law and Compliance related to the company and undertook assignments with the European Division based in France as well as with Colgate Palmolive Company New York.

Prior to leaving Colgate-Palmolive, Ravindra was relocated back to Malaysia as the Legal Director of Colgate-Palmolive Malaysia and in parallel Commercial and Compliance Counsel of South Asia which territories include India, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and Vietnam.

Oren Haim Rose
Partner Japan

Oren Haim Rose is the founder and managing partner of GNC, Global Network Consultants, a financial consulting firm, founded in 2001 and specializing in the Japanese market. Mr. Rose counts on a global network of prime investment and legal professionals and primarily advises Japanese clients in the area of investment consulting, estate planning, asset protection and second citizenship. Furthermore, Mr. Rose is a famous author for several successful wealth management and investment books written in Japanese and published only in Japan. Besides Japanese, Mr. Rose speaks fluently in Hebrew, English, and some Hungarian.